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About Us

The Virtalinx Inc. is a global company pioneering new technologies with a simple unifying mission: Offer our customers the ability to experience the globe from the comfort of your home – Anyone... and be Anywhere... at Anytime. The world is yours to explore with VirtaTour technology! 

Virtalinx Global Virtual Presence Platform is a patented technology providing near a real-time virtual presence experience almost anywhere with high-quality video, auditory, and sensory data feeds. 

The Virtalinx Global Virtual Presence Platform and its array of applications will give our customers the sense of virtual presence and enable the user the control their vantage point of perspective with a physical sensor presence in another location. 


We provide fully interactive 3D Virtual Tours of your home, residential real estate, commercial real estate or office space. Using today’s cutting edge technology we create the best virtual tours available for real estate. Our fully immerse interactive digital showings can put your clients and prospects in your space or listing through the web and mobile. No other technology can give you the sense of space accuracy and sheer wow factor as an VirtaTour 3D Showcase Tour.


That said, this is not a “virtual tour” or slideshow, but rather 3D Showcase is a complete game changer for marketing your space. If a picture says a thousand words, our interactive virtual tours change the conversation. Be a part of the future for real estate marketing and use the best virtual tour for your listings. 


VirtaTour also provide services in the area of fully immersive 360 videos, which show environment that surrounds the user, allowing them to look around them in all directions, just as they can in real life. 360 videos can be watched on computer screen or in Head Mounted Display devices such as HMD giving the user the sensation of presence at the scene that called VPX – Virtual Presence Experience.


Specifically VirtaTour provides the following services for its customers:


- Custom Photo Gallery – VirtaTour has team of experienced photographers who will meet your utmost expectations

- Aerial Video and Photography – with a team of experienced quadcopters pilots VirtaTour will provide you with breathtaking view of your property from above

- 360-degree Video – we have equipment and skills necessary to produce videos capturing your event or business venue from all angles so each time you view the vide you will never repeat the same scene

- 3D Showcase and 3D Showcase Guided Tour – VirtaTour is using special camera that allows transporting through the space of your property or business establishment in a smooth manner and much faster and more enriching than regular photography

- Virtual Reality Walkthrough (VR) – Once we capture your property and transform it to a digital world, we can enhance the 3D representation of your property with all kinds of visual assisting tools such as labels, additional objects, and video clips

- Immersive Virtual Reality (VPX) for Head Mounted Display – this functionality will allow to view and tour your property in virtual reality world

- Dimensioned Floor Plans

- Custom virtual reality models development

- Promotional video, animation, and photography services

- Virtual home staging – VirtaTour teams is currently working on this experimental product that will allow to avoid costly physical staging all together and fill your empty virtual house with state of the art virtual furniture using intuitive and self explanatory software tools.

- Printing services  (See sample)